Going Googlle

You’ve heard about that “Going Google” thing for businesses they do.  Well, as you can tell from the correct spelling of the headline..that’s not what this is.  There’s some totally frigtarded place called the “Googlle Institute of Software Studies,” a division of C.B.Online Pvt. Ltd.  Here’s the “Director” of “C.B.Online,”- no name, though.  (Memo to Mr. Director: there’s such a thing as a tie- have you heard of them?)  Anyway, the spelling and logo alone tips you off that this “Googlle Institute” is rather…questionable.  Don’t bother clicking on the links on this site, though.  Most all of them are broken, so it seems basic HTML isn’t part of the curriculum.  However, if you’re determined to “Go Googlle,” at the end of your classwork, you’ll get “Googlle certification,” which oughta wow ’em when you show up here for your first day of work.

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