First, MySQL, now, Zimbra

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My buttocks are off limits, guys, just sayin', just sayin' ...!

Karen Swisher, Mossberg’s drip feed nurse at AllThings D, pretty much confirms the rumors that have been swirling that Yahoo! is preparing to offload Zimbra onto VMWare at considerably less than Yahoo!’s purchase price over two years ago, just to have some shiny jingly stuff in the coffers to keep the stockholders happy and the board of directors from tearing a piece off of Carol Bartz’s plump but bodacious happy hiney. Naturally, freetarders are in an uproar, frothing and babbling like a three year old who’s been told “NO!” fourteen times at Toys ‘R’Us but this was to be expected. Dana Blankenthorn has an interesting take on that aspect over at ZDNet. Steven J.Vaugh-Nichols on ComputerWorld blogs that the deal is a good thing, especially for VMWare, since it’s virtualization business is getting hammered all around.