Farhad Manjoo thumbs up on iPad

It’s like reading a less profane, coherent, subdued version of Mosspuppet,

The iPad is very very very good to me!

but Farhad digs his iPad and calls it the perfect companion or second computer, great for e-mail and browsing, unless you’re a fan of Adobe Flash, which iPhone OS still does not support. Nevertheless, you can still watch YouTube videos, so don’t get your panties in a twist little girls. It’s a great eReader, for books, magazines or newspapers. And no, you can’t download Firefox or Chrome to use on the iPad. Just try it, freetards, try it! It’s Safari or no information highway, amigo.

Conde Nast and News Corporation will be selling their online editions via a subscription on the iPad (for those prices, it better be without adverstising) with Apple getting a healthy cut.

Now that the genie is out of the bottle, will there be a war of proprietary tablets, each with their own walled off content, will the freetards and Google come up with an alternative tablet that propagates freedom of information?

And where is China  in all this?

Not Bavaria!

There are no Chinese here, so quit nosing around, okay?