EU ready to salute Larry’s hard-on for Sun

In fact, it’s a whole sea of erections. Everyone at VP level at Sun who is getting the golden parachute are getting paid cash bonuses they haven’t seen the likes of in years. Everybody else getting the ol’ boot, not so much, but better than expected. Larry is quite serious about keeping the hardware side going and has big ideas about what direction to take Sun. There have been rumors he wants to tread on Apple’s turf in the entertainment electronics side, using the Sun Microsystems brand. The Let MySQL Go Brigade ain’t clamming up, but apparently enough euro-bureaucrat have been “assuaged”, so all systems are go.

Ahm-ah bigger than fuckin' Lee-noox, yeah, ahl show dat Tirvalds und Larry's penis, too!

Monty Widenius has prepared a fully baked MariaDB fork of MySQL, but is waiting until next Monday to deliver. How many freetards jump on this fork and kill off MySQL remains to be seen. This nut job is already trying to get Russia and China behind his fork – nice going, geek, why don’t you share some nuclear secrets with the Iranian government and the North Koreans while you’re at it, hmmm?