Erich Segal, R.I.P.

Yeah, when I saw Love Story, I thought it was mush. I was knee high to an IBM System/360 then, but, apparently, I was totally head over heels taken with another Erich Segal penned epic, Yellow Submarine. Some kids collected Barbies, others collected G.I. Joe, I lived for that film. You know why. It wasn’t Disney. It was the anti-Disney. It was The Beatles. It was weird. It was strange. I didn’t get many of the jokes, but I still thought it was brilliant and terrifying. The Vacuum Monster is just as horrifying as the Flying Blue Glove, in my book. Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D. aka The Nowhere Man is a comically subversive fey little beastie that triumphs over his oppressor, the nay saying music hating fey Chief Blue Meanie, with selections of flowery poetry about … flowers. And Ringo … why did you push the button, when Ol’ Fred tol’ you not to push it?

Erich Segall (1937-2010)

Well, poor ol’ Erich Segall, screenwriter of both Love Story and Yellow Submarine, passed on earlier this week. Thank you Erich for enriching my childhood. Peace, man.