Cyber attacks? The very idea … !

China would never engage in such behaviour

That’s the difference between a government and a terrorist. One of a government’s chief function (as well as a well run board of directors for a major corporation) is to deny any wrongdoing whatsoever. A terrorist organisation can’t wait to claim responsibility.

Whoopsie! Drone spotted flying over Texas, recently. Gulp!

What happened to Google recently and those thirty three other companies that got cyber-spanked would be something I’d expect from a modern terrorist organization. Bombing buildings and railways, blowing up airplanes and stadiums – how cliche, how gauche. These al-Qaida chumps have got to get with the times. While still locally horrifying, people get inured to such occurances. Look at Beiruit, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka. Now, interrupt communications and internet traffic, steal credit card numbers, passwords, I.D.s, knockout power grids from the the entry of a few keystrokes, that’ll grab the attention nowadys. I’ve a feeling within the very few next years, the next modern conflict will not only involve modern conventional weapons such as the drone planes and vacuum bombs, but huge internet traffic outtages, possibly even EMP attacks. Hopefully the horror of the mushroom cloud will be remain something the kids or their grandkids will never experience or know about.