Cloudy, With A Chance of Google

Hey, did anybody see Sally Fields or Julie Andrews up there? Thank you!

Google is finally getting its hard drive in the sky thing going and, for now, its barely enough capacity of the smallest thumb drive. You get way more storage in Gmail and Picassa, and Microsoft Sky Drive already offers users a nice 25GB of storage for free, not that I have uploaded a kilobyte to that service, especially after the Sidekick debacle. Well, better late than never I suppose. And the upside, is that there will be no restriction on type of file you can upload. Up to 250 MB an upload, it’s free up to one gigabyte.You probably couldn’t back up your iTunes collection, nor the family’s home movies. It’s typical Google understated beginning, start out small, then grow quietly and exponentially, keep it in perpetual beta ’til the bugs are sorted out. Hmmmm, wasn’t that the plan for the Nexus One – what happened to that?