Book Pirates of the 21rst Century

First music, then video, now books are being pirated on the digital file sharing networks. It’s one thing when you share a book that’s been out of print or has been in the public doman or even orphaned. But freeloading copyrighted books seems really heinous to me, even it’s a piece of shit of stinky crapola like a Dan Brown bloatathon. Authors have been getting the shit end of the stick since time immemorial. Writing is a tough process, it actually involves lots of time, tediousness, sweat and frustration and little immediate gratification. Occasionally we get checks for occasional magazine bit, usually not enough, for most us ain’t Stephen King, Neal Stephenson, etc., and it’s a real accomplishment if we can get our tomes published and actually sell enough to justify our advances, if any at all. So have a care folks, and pay for that download or hardcover. You can start right now by getting this new American epic, a modern Huck Finn, if Huck Finn grew up in a  Long Island backwater from the late nineteen-fifties to early nineteen-sixties, was an agnostic Jewish and hung out with African Americans and really mean poor white Irish trash.