Barnes & Noble hates Laredo

what does this mean - bean counters are evil bastards!

Alas, brick and mortar bookstores in Laredo are no more. Was the B.Dalton not selling enough books to justify its existence? On the contrary, it was doing quite well, serving both the Anglos and the Hispanics. Unfortunately, it’s owner, Barnes and Noble was shutting down the entire chain of B. Daltons, no matter how well any individual store was doing. Now a city of a quarter million residents only resource to buy books is to either go on-line or driving to a brick and mortar 200 miles away. Still wanna buy a Shnook from these bastards? I urge those Laredo-ans that do purchase books on-line to boycott Barnes & Nobel, in fact, in sympathy, everybody should avoid B&N. Perhaps Dear Leader can send an advance shipment of the miracle of Jobs to these citizens, so they can be the first on the planet to know the joy of using such a device.