Apple ups ante with 3-D patent

Bilbo can’t stop soiling his Depends.

I can't stop soiling my Depends ... here I go, again ... uhhhh!

Just when you thought the as yet released Tablet of God couldn’t get any better, this feature has been “leaked” out in the usual manner and has been burning up the circle jerk blogosphere, here, here, here and here. As someone who has played with this thing of beauty (hot tears falling on keyboard, drip, drip), gaming will never be the same – Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft – you’re all washed up – and then wait ’til you see how this works as far as surfing the web, pulling up and storing documents, etc. It makes this freetard feature look so last decade. I’m sure somebody out there is already trying to reverse engineer a GPL version of Apple’s 3-D patent. Too bad after the tablet’s unveiling on the 27th, no one will be able to play with it until its final releaseĀ  in August (I stand by that prediction). Believe me, it’ll be worth the wait.