Apple TV: Coming Attractions

what does AppleTV and integration with another forthcoming Apple product have in store for the world?

Why hasn’t everybody caught on to this yet? It’s easier to set up than a PS2 or a freakin’ Wii. 160 GB of storage. HD movies. iTunes integration. Streaming internet radio. Photo slide shows. Flkr. It’s so friggin’ easy to use that’s those ‘tard children in the freakin’ I’m A PC commercials could use it. Why isn’t this in everybody’s living room or at least on everybody’s lips? I’ll tell you why. When was the last Apple product commercial you saw pushing Apple TV? Anybody? Anybody? Ferris? Thought so. For some reason, AppleTV has been this neglected stepchild in the marketing department. Is it because no one knows how to sell the idea? Or, perhaps Jobso has other plans for AppleTV. Something that includes, oh , I dunno,

“This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done.”

I didn’t say anything, even though, I’ve been in contact with the thing of beauty, just putting it out there.