Apple tablet? “Oui!”

Stéphane Richard is Orange’s Chief Executive Officer Delegate. Not sure what a Delegate is, but he does, and that’s fine.  So a media type on Radio Europe 1, Jean Pierre Elkabbach, asked him about the Apple tablet.  Here’s that exchange.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: According to Le Point, your partner Apple will launch a Tablet…

Stéphane Richard: Yes.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: …with a webcam…

Stéphane Richard: Yes.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: …would Orange users benefit from this?

Stéphane Richard: Sure! They are going to benefit from the web cam, certainly we will be able to, in effect, transmit images in real time. We are going to modernize, in essence, the video phone that we knew a few years ago… the size of the resolution, and the quality of the resolution will be better, and it will be available to all in France.

So now Orange says it was all a misunderstanding, out of context, etc.  Gizmodo says, not so fast, bub.  Click here for more.  Here’s the video in French, but you can get the gist of it at 6:17 into the clip. Update: more backpedaling here, and in English, too!