And yet another

From a woman in San Francisco:

I hate AT&T and I call them and tell them this on a near-constant basis. When I can’t get data (which is every day because I live in San Francisco) I call them and ask them why I’m paying $125 a month for a service that doesn’t work. But something interesting happened today that piqued my interest.

Pretty much every 3rd text message I send I have to *resend* because it fails and I get that little red exclamation point icon next to the failed text. Well today I sent two messages in a row to my friend, and the first one failed. So normally when I send two in a row it says “Sending 1 of 2” then “Sending 2 of 2.” This time, because the first one failed, I resent the first failed message and suddenly it said “Sending 2 of 3.” This is especially curious to me because I do not have unlimited texting. I pay for 1500 a month and really never go over. Last month, however, my bill was $20 higher than usual because I was over my texting limit. I chalked it up to the holidays and being busy, but I remember that last month I had an unusually high number of failed texts that had to be resent. So I’m wondering, do I get double charged for resending failed texts? Is there a way to find this out? Any insight would be much appreciated.