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This guy is so pissed he’s badgering the Attorney General in Connecticut.

I don’t know if this will fit into your agenda, but here is a message that I’ve sent to the Attorney General of Connecticut. I’ve had problems using my iPhone in the Boston area with lots of dropped calls and attempted to contact AT&T. I’ve been ignored every time and the support has basically called me crazy. At home, my parents are having problems with the audio on their AT&T U-Verse service. The sound drops every minute to thirty seconds. … I’m going to email AT&T as well and bring this to their attention. They have straight up refused to admit that this was a problem despite the issue being talked about in 100-page threads on their own forums. AT&T is just neglecting its customers now, and it doesn’t feel good. I want to bring the issue to the attention of as many people as possible so that they can call in and demand $10/month discounts on their service until the issue is fixed. It might not affect their bottom line much, but lost revenue will hopefully start making them take responsibility for their shortcomings.

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 5:47 PM
Subject: Consumer Protection: Widespread AT&T Uverse Audio Problem; Customer Neglection

Dear Attorney General Blumenthal,

My parents have had problems with their AT&T U-Verse service since its original installation. Over the past 6 months, we have called several times and attempted to get some real answer or solution to their problem. Unfortunately, I am usually at school and my parents do not understand why the problem is occurring so it is difficult for them to articulate the cause to AT&T. I have called several times for them and we have had technicians visit our homes. AT&T’s field technicians have handled the situation well for the most part, and have always been exemplary in terms of actual service that they have performed while attempting to fix the problem. Each has admitted that they have seen the problem before and that there is a known issue but they do not know whether a fix exists or is being worked on. However, AT&T’s phone representatives failed to acknowledge that this problem existed and continued to send field technicians to our homes despite us telling them that it is not necessary. We have wasted at least 20 or more hours between phone calls and field technician visits. Our time could have been saved if they openly admitted there was a problem to us and informed us what they were doing to attempt to fix the problem. This issue is widespread and has been articulated on their own forums in hundred page threads by their own customers. This is not the first time this has happened to me, let alone my parents. AT&T has a bad habit of not publicly acknowledging that a problem exists, and wastes the time and resources of both the customer and themselves, this is in addition to causing lots of frustration for the customer. I would have been happy had they just admitted openly that a problem existed initially. However, they have wasted both my and my parents’ time with this issue.

Here is a copy of the complaint I’ve filed with the Department of Public Utility Control:

We have been subscribed to AT&T’s U-Verse television service for several months now. We have had an ongoing issue with audio quality and have had technical repair men out to our home at least four times. Each time the technical repair man was very helpful and informed us that this was a known issue. Every call placed to AT&T has resulted in them telling us that the issue is unheard and must be the fault of a cable we’re using. Both AT&T and I have replaced the cables several times and the issue still stands. Finally, today a “Tier 2” technician admitted that the issue was known. This reconciliation did not happen until many conflicting stories were told to me by the technician. He is the only person that has admitted over the phone that the problem exists. There are many forum posts on AT&T’s support forums detailing the issue, but every time that we have called they have failed to correctly diagnose our problem, despite us telling them specifically what it was. We have had to take time out of our days to be home in order for the technicians to perform work that the previous technician had already done. Basically, AT&T has given us a very long-winded answer after over 20 hours of wasted time spent between phone calls and Technician visits. The issue has been voiced by many customers on private forums and even forums owned by AT&T themselves. The issue was not admitted as a real one until I made it painfully obvious many times over on the phone with “Tier 2” technical support. The technician could not give me an estimate of the delivery date for a fix, or if a fix was even being worked on. We have paid a high price for a premium service and they have consistently delivered flawed service. They have not offered compensation until we demanded it, and we have wasted lots of time just trying to bring it to their attention and have them acknowledge it.

During my experience with AT&T there has been a reoccurring theme of neglect when it comes to handling widespread issues with their products and services; I thought that it should be brought to your attention if it has not been already. I appreciate your time and effort trying to protect the citizens of Connecticut. Thank you for reading my message.