A sign from above?

From YouTube description:

Funnel cloud spotted near Brentwood in Contra Costa County around 1:30pm on Saturday 1/23/2010. A tornado warning was issued from 1:152:08pm for an intense severe thunderstorm dropping heavy hail on Hwy 4 and showed some signs of rotation. Two funnel clouds were spotted at nearly the same time. Storm cell weakened rather quickly by 2:15pm, ending the threat for severe weather. Video clip courtesy: Brittany Ticer & the Thomas Family. Brittany Ticer told NBC Bay Area the funnel seen in this video lasted about 1-2 minutes before weakening. Some reports had possibly two funnel clouds in the sky around the time the cell moved towards Discovery Bay before weakening.

Personally, I’m sure it’s a sign from the universe indicating the disruption to come when the iSlate hits the streets this year.