A reader asks: Why is Larry doing his big Sun announcement tomorrow?

As you may know, Larry chose tomorrow as the day for a five-hour meeting to discuss plans for the Oracle takeover of Sun. Why choose a day when all the headlines will be dominated by Apple? Some at Sun are worried, like the guy who wrote this email which just arrived in my inbox:

Dear FSJ,

I’m a soon-to-be-Oracle employee thanks to Sun’s impending merger with Oracle. I find it odd that Larry E.’s announcing the future of Sun and Oracle when the headlines are going to be dominated by iPad/Tablet/MagicPad/MaxiPad news.
Like he’s trying to hide a bunch of layoffs in all of that other person’s hype?

You are correct, dear friend. Except for the part about how you’re soon going to be an Oracle employee. That’s not gonna happen. Larry is (a) too smart to keep you Sun folks around; and (b) too craven to be honest with you about that. So tomorrow will be the night of the long knives for Sun employees. My Little Pony is totally in on it and, brave soul that he is, agreed with Larry that they could use the Apple event as a way to distract attention.

Before you all start complaining about being let go, let’s be honest. You guys at Sun drove a once-great company into the ground. Who in their right mind would buy Sun and keep its employees? On the bright side, anybody who ever built an empire or changed the world sat where you are right now.

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