17 year security hole in Windows 7

That did it! If Microsoft can’t build a brand new OS from scratch and just keeps putting up cruft and patches on the same piece of shit they built nearly twenty years ago –

This is in every copy of Windows 7, right now and is not getting patched

and still not fix a security hole that was known back when the world ran NT and 3.1, what is the point folks of trusting this company anymore? Trustworthy Computing? Crapworthy, more like it. Jesus, folks if you can’t afford even a MacMini, download Ubuntu or openSUSE or Fedora(if you’re a business, you can’t go wrong with either RHEL or SLED), install it, learn it, get it over with, there’s not a reason anybody has to put up with this shit anymore. There’s simply no excuse, anymore. The gang from Redmond are sloppy hacks. They don’t care about their code like the fanatical freetards or the driven under the whip minions of Cupertino. Those ‘softtards wouldn’t know an elegant powerful piece of code if it walked up to them, introduced itself and ran rings around the puerile crap they churn out.