“You know, it probably doesn’t matter what we call the thing”

Key quote right there taken from another drunken, whacked-out, maniacal rave-up by Mosspuppet.  He says that’s what Dear Leader flatly stated when they were all engaged in a naming meeting.  You know, “we have this thing, what do we call it?” Mosspuppet says one of the names brought up was iMoss, and that didn’t fly. Imagine that.  It sounds like the name iSlate was/is the winner, and we can blame/thank The Killer for it.  MP says Dear Leader made this bet with Katie, too- and this sure sounds like El Jobso to me.

“If this product isn’t more popular than the iPhone, even despite the godawful name Schiller came up with, I’ll give you back your soul. Okay? That’s how confident I am that it’ll succeed. Now let’s go market the (expletive withheld) future!”