Yet another reason to hate AT&T

As if you need one, right? As if their utterly shit service weren’t bad enough, now they get up and start saying they are going to look for ways to coerce people into using less data bandwidth. The saddest part of all this is that Ralph de la Vega, the guy who made this statement, was speaking at a conference, and in the very same talk he also acknowledged that AT&T’s coverage sucks in New York and San Francisco, but they’re working on it. As he put it, the networks in those cities “are performing at levels below our standards.”

Little tip for you guys — when you’re in the middle of finally admitting that your product sucks, this is not the best time to also start talking about finding new ways to make it suck even more. Alas this is what we’ve come to expect from AT&T, where a lot of these guys seem to believe that they’re still Ma Bell and can just do whatever the hell they want. Just out of curiosity I looked up Ralph de la Vega’s biography, and sure enough, he’s a Bell System lifer.

Well, anyway, have no fear. We’re talking to others. I can’t say which ones, but you can probably guess. Meanwhile, if you want to unlock your phone, what the fuck — do it. We won’t stop you.

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