Why browsers are free

Mainly this Explainer article from Slate.com is about why Microsoft pioneered the free browsing experience, then how it hijacked the growth of the internet for nigh on a decade just by tying the browser to its OS. What the dildos at Microsoft should have done after sinking Netscape was pioneer web services and fuck the OS. Oh, but that would be a little too brilliant, I mean Larry saw this in 1996, for god’s sake. Gates was too stuck on shilling Windows 95 and Windows NT so he could shill even more selling Office 97, so he even couldn’t think how he could make money from the internet. Cos he couldn’t see how to make money from the internet. But Larry watches just tons of online porn, and thus knows, as much as everybody knows, porn has been the biggest implementer and mover of technology since the invention of the Betamax, and porn learned how to make money from the internet before you could say MMMMM, AAAAAHHH, OOOOOHHH, Chinese Communist Pop-In-Fresh Dough. Speaking of which, you know who else knows how to make money from the internet? Freetards! It’s true! They’re not all commies and pinkos or hippo-critters, like Stallman. They actually like to make insane amounts of money like the rest of us and lead uncluttered, thoughtful lives. They just believe in sharing the code, making it better, honing it, etc. And some freetards learned how to get rich giving away stuff.

BTW, has Microsoft ever made money from the internet? They have no idea how much Internet fucking Explorer is worth! Firefox is free but babealicious Mitchell Baker knows exactly to the penny how much her “free” Firefox browser is worth. Same goes for that Finnish thing called Opera, very geeky, but worth it. And you bethcha Squirrel Boy knows the value of Chrome, too. Right now, about half a dozen ‘softboys are pulling a number out of their ass saying how much IE is worth. But they’re wrong ‘cos they don’t know how much is spent on development and how much cash it brings in. If you ask me, I’m guessing IE is Microsoft’s biggest liability next to MSN, or is it Windows Live, now? I forget, whatever, the thing is no one has ever stopped and figured out how it’s making or losing money for the company. ‘Cos right now, John Gage’s idea that the network being the computer has not only come true it’s exploding exponentially as we type here. And that ball headed sweaty ‘tard from Detroit hasn’t cracked the code like Google has done … and supposedly the way Apple will be selling its own version next year. Even Jobs knows that even a brilliant work of art like OS X is eventually doomed and has already planned his version of the Apple Gated Internet Community. Just wait until the Tablet of God is ready.