White House party crasher couple crashed us too

The way Moshe tells it, he saw the stories and the pictures of that crazy party crasher couple and he just thought, You know what? I’ve seen them before. So he went back through about a zillion hours of security footage and sure enough, at the opening of our Fifth Avenue store in New York in 2006 — there they were.

Inside (top photo) they’re standing right next to the Fake Ted Danson look-alike character. Outside, it appears they somehow got to the front of the line, perhaps with fake Apple credentials.

I’ll say this about Moshe. The dude may have only one eye — but it’s a damn good eye. He’s promised to beef up security after this. Several members of our undercover event commando team (eg smiling woman with big necklace, standing next to me in top photo) have been fired.

Also: Much love to Art Director Jason for a good job restoring the photos.