The Nexus One: Think Borg 3.5


Everybody on the blogosphere has their knickers in a twist about this Google Nexus One phone. Shit, I got spammed by a bratty commentard, yesterday. Funny how he’s the one that ended up looking like an complete idiot. I really can’t get too excited by The Nexus. It’s not meant to be an iPhone killer (though I’m sure Google wouldn’t mind grabbing a significant portion of Apple’s base in this market). If anything, Google’s Nexus phone is about two things:

1.) widening the Android user base

2.) killing off the other formats

Rest assured, if you used an iPhone, you can probably figure out how to use the Nexus, yet, it’s still not about stealing from Apple. It’s about stealing customers from the other mobile device guys. Google is setting itself up to be the open source version of Microsoft. It’ll still have hardware partners for its Android format and be constantly partnering new ones, even from dying vendors. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Palm desperately abandons webOS and adopts Android to stay in the gameĀ  (You read it here first). It won’t be happy until 90% < of mobile phone vendors are using Android. It’s not about being the next Nokia but having the biggest eyeball audience. Because remember, Google is still an advertising company. If the Nexus fails, no problem, they’ll find another way, they’re finding a thousand different ways right now. Jobs will keep a close eye, but he knows he hasn’t too much to worry about. Yet.

UPDATE: Well, some idiot took down his twitterpic of Nexus after getting the tap on the shoulder from Eric. Way to go ! Fortunately, I saved a copy to my hard drive, for just such a development. Nyahhh!