Wanna be an App millionaire?

Get featured in a Apple commercial demonstrating Apps for iPhone and iTouch. Apple even maintains a page so people can easily find those Apps after watching their commercials.

Watch the bucks roll in for a month or two, then move on to the next app up your sleeve. The trick is to keep writing developing and submitting apps, never rest on your laurels, hire a team, buy an empty office building that hasn’t been condo-sized by yuppie developers, work that team by the approved Jobs method of love and terror, keep hiring and firing at will, soon … you’ll wonder what the fuck just happened?

All you wanted was make a quick buck and have a little fun, and now you’ve got very complicated life supporting a company that produces a nine digit income net, three ex-wives, kids you met at birth (just barely), three mortgages, real hair loss, not just a shaved head, middle age spread  … and no fun. This could be your life. Here are the keys … ignition  … liftoff?