Verizon is Microsoft’s bitch

For half a billion big ones, The Borg bought their Bing search engine onto Verizon platform for five years, to the exclusion of Google, Wikipedia,, etcetera. Users of Storm 2 BlackBerries are up in arms about this especially on Verizon users forums. This, my droogies, is the other side of the evil coin. We have AT&T which takes your money and gives you crappy service and the other one, Verizon, which takes your money, gives you mind-blowing coverage and speedy service, but forces you to accept it’s own onerous conditions (i.e,. Bing, ETFs). Well, don’t expect any Google phones running on Verizon.


You know, I really don’t give shit. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, AT&T, Oracle, Apple, IBM – everybody wants to be The Borg, even Saint Steve,who’d make a better looking Locutus anyway.  Everybody is so busy playing freakin games while delivering services, hardware, infrastructure that salespeople and ad flaks have convinced us we can’t live without, that’d society would collapse if we didn’t keep up the facade (it’d probably would anyway, but that’s another post), and it’s never as good as we were told or imagined we were told, but we kid ourselves and keep buying the stuff, unthinking, without stopping for a minute to wonder, what the fuck is going on, how did we get here, what is it all for, what’s it doing, and why do I need to replace it in six months or three years? Oh, yeah, that economy thing again, even I forget sometimes. It’s just, you know, even now, things seem to move way too fast than they used to move. We get very swept up in this. Thank goodness for YouTube, I can always get lost in that .