UFO movie due 2011

skyOne1UFO was absolutely the coolest TV show.  It was a Gerry Anderson production, shot in England in the late 1960’s.  It was set in the “future” of..1980.  Click here for the groovy opening sequence. The storyline surrounded a quasi-military organization called SHADO.  The HQ was underneath a British film studio, with another base on the moon.  A fleet of submarines, space interceptors, and gobs of sci-fi hardware helped keep the Earth safe from the aliens, who keep trying to kidnap earthlings in order to harvest their organs (!) since their race is dying.  Among the stars of the show was Lt. Gay Ellis, one of the Moonbase commanders.  They wore purple wigs, ostensibly as an anti-static measure, although it was never explained.  And now, they’re making a movie. More here.  And yes, I have an Ellis figure right here on my desk.  (Memo to the movie producer, if you turn this into a Thunderbirds movie debacle, I will find you.)