Tigergate: Larry says there are more women on the way

And not just the porn star who now says she won’t deny bonking El Tigre. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Larry says. “And, you know, I’ve seen some shit, right? We told the kid, `Look, make a list. Put everyone on it.’ He comes back with a couple hundred people, some of them just descriptions because he can’t remember the names or never even knew the names — things like `Wal-Mart cashier’ and `lady at 7-11, with husband (golf fan) watching.’ Then he says, `These are just the ones I remember. There might be more.’ We tell him he must be joking, but he says no, there are definitely others, but he’s kind of blanking on them, but he knows there are some that he didn’t put in his journal, which is where he got the names for the list. We’re like, `Wait a minute — you kept a journal? In writing? You wrote their fucking names in a book?’ He says it’s his workout journal, where he keeps track of his training schedule, but he also puts other stuff there too, so he can keep everything in one place, like the names of whatever women he slept with that day plus their phone numbers and what they’re into, in case he sees them again. Also, it turns out he keeps track of how many minutes they had sex and writes that down too, because, as he puts it, ‘it counts toward my cardio.’ So we looked through the journal. It’s incredible. There are days when he’s nailed five or six different women. But the real kicker is, he goes to us, `Do you want to see the other journals? These are just for the last six months.’ At that point Burkle just walks out. I do the same. Honestly, I had to sit down and just get my brain to accommodate the information. Clinton, however, was not even startled. When I went back in, he was sitting there with Tiger, going through the journal and realizing he and Tiger had lots of these women in common. `Turns out we’re brothers!’ Bill says.

Anyway, stay tuned. There’s lots more stuff coming out.