The Egging is called off …

A bunch of us were going to show up on att-chairman-and-ceo-randall-stephenson-promoting-live-shareRandall’s lawn Friday morning and egg his smug face into oblivion, but we were tipped off that he decided to leave town ’til this Chokehold thing blew over. So someone thought why not encourage all AT&T users to buy as much stock as possible and stage a coup, but these fellows have a controlling share, no matter how many voting shares in your bloc. And this buying spree would artificially inflate the stock price, sending the wrong message to the board and confusing the proxy voters. Convincing people to dump the stock is silly too, as not enough investors would listen or care and the company would counter by offering to “buy back” shares. So the best way to protest is to hit where it hurts – the bottom line. So we encourage all AT&T mobile phone users to stop using their devices. Drop the service, en masse. Refuse to pay the termination fees and form a class action lawsuit with other users. If you got an iPhone, learn how to switch it to Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. and resist updates to keep it from bricking. In fact, if enough people do this, I’m sure Apple would “forget” to “brick” iPhones running on other networks after a couple of updates. And Verizon, et alia would welcome your business and give their support. So instead of

flooding the network

– abandon ship!