PCW: 2009 Year of Social Network

Nice work there guys, no wonder I finally let my dead tree subscription lapse. You know what was the first real successful social network? Napster. Napster? Damn straight. The original. People not only connected to swap songs but actually chatted and got to know each other and became a community before the fuckin’ mafioso record executives shut it down. That was a magic time but it was brought down in one fell swoop because it was free, nobody was making any money and the suits were scared. It was Woodstock 1969 again, the fences were down, the hippies were running wild, but this time, the man came back and boarded that show back up. You had freetarded pirate shit like Gnutella and limewire but it lost the point, the community aspect, these new apps weren’t about creating communities, it was about outright thievery disguised as stupid “information must be free”/commie-sap-socialism crap. Today, you got your MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, all controlled by geeks, suits and media twerps who are trying to be the next Google. Nothing free going on during these social interactions, believe me. You’re all participants in biggest advertising media survey ever – hello, suckers!

we know what you want - and boy, are you gonna' get it!