Oracle says,”No Fair!”

Dem mangy Swissies are trying to pull a fast one and Larry is beyond pissed. No one gets hand on Larry, no one, fer crissakes! We may have to invade – cripes, Larry is already in talks with his capos in Lombardy about taking out Ticino! – geez, this is freakin’ serious! Is there anyway Barry can cut his vacation short and talk Larry down? Well, if Larry is looking for a war song to march on de Swissies, I’ve got the man for the job, right here. It’s Little Jack Melody and his Young Turks and their first effort from 1990 is our album of the week. You can buy direct from artist here, too. See ya’ in in the Tyrol, first dibs on the yo-de-ladies … and you can take that to the bank and count your cuckoos before they hatch, too!