Operation Chokehold: Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world

15439_224499478063_224488903063_4219370_733626_sWe are monitoring the situation on the Intertubes to see whether O.C. is gaining adherents and the good news is, it appears to be catching on. A Google search turned up mentions on 9to5mac, Gizmodo, gadgetblips, the blog of Garrick Ansen (who recommends everyone watch some lame Russian sci-fi movie at the same time) and best of all, Cult of Mac. We’re also hearing reports that there is a lot of activity on Twitter, and some kid has started a couple of Facebook pages (here and here).

So we’re off to a good start. Apparently we’ve hit a nerve, and why not? It’s tough being an iPhone user and putting up with the kind of abuse that we’ve had to suffer. Enough is enough! Keep spreading the word, people. Heck, maybe we can organize physical get-togethers, so Chokers can hang out and choke it together in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. We’ll chant “Attica, Attica, Attica,” or something. Man I am feeling the way I did on the day I burned my draft notice at a protest. Anyone who’s in the executive offices — meet me in the David Crosby conference room and someone bring the bong. Peace.