Operation Buzz Kill

This threatening email just arrived in our Webmaster’s mailbox:

This fake steve business is too much today. Bringing down the data network MIGHT effect voice in a way none of you anticipates. People who don’t understand “fake steve” and who think this is more than a joke MIGHT just try to follow your idea. I don’t care who you are or how funny you think this is. My wife is quadriplegic. My ATT cell phone is my only phone. I don’t like everything they do and say, but when you hurt fellow customers, you are screwing around. If we have an emergency and you do hurt the network so we can’t reach 911, I will hire lawyers to bring YOU to YOUR knees and I will contact the FBI /Homeland Security. I hope they have already been notified. I understand that ATT needs to upgrade and should not disparage customers, but this little joke of yours might do real harm to innocent people. . . and all to fulfill your revenge motive for some stupid comment made by ATT. Don’t fight stupid with stupid. If anyone gets cut off from emergency services during this time on Friday, I will socially support whatever criminal charges are brought against YOU by the Justice Department. You will have made more than a statement, you will have committed an act of terrorism! Let your “fake steve” know.

An act of terrorism? That’s odd, since in my mind the real terrorist is the guy who sent this message. Making threats via email is a serious offense. We have sent the message to authorities along with the sender’s email name and IP address. They’ve promised to investigate. More as this develops.