Obama: I’m not saying don’t do it, and I’m not saying do it, I’m just saying we should take more time and think about it some more and look at every possible angle

11_obama_lg“I’m not saying it’s right, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. Maybe those labels don’t really apply to this, or at the very least they oversimplify something that’s complicated and has lots of moving parts. All I’m saying is don’t rush into anything until you’ve studied every possible angle and implication. Call together some experts. Get some opinions. Then once you’ve got all the possible information you can get, call all the experts back in and talk to them all again. Then sit around for a while and think about it. Figure out every possible outcome and then weigh the consequences of each one against the risks and likely costs. Then when you do make a decision make sure it’s a compromise that makes everybody unhappy. You see?”