Nous, le Peuple, écoutez-nous rugir!


Ladies and Gentlemen it is nearly an hour before Operation:Chokehold begins. As I pointed out in a previous post, trying to download massive amounts of data for an hour or all day would be fruitless. Dear Leader has the right idea of as many users as possible going to their nearest AT&T stores (call the media, for crying out loud) and protest. And please, please, please – tear up your contracts and leave the network – NOW!

That’s when Randall and the boys will listen to you, when you leave in the hundreds of thousands. Don’t pay that cancellation fee, hire a lawyer, call it extortion, and mod that iPhone for T-Mobile, Verizon, anybody but AT&T. Not only will Randall listen, but Steve Jobs will hear this, as this affects his company, too. Squirrel Boy will be closely watching this, too. Let this be a truly successful consumers revolucion! Vive le consommateur! Libérer les flux de données sans fil! Randall et sa livre chien dressé se foutre !!