Michael Wolff joins the crusade

No kidding — media pundit Michael Wolff (of Newser and Vanity Fair) now piles on with a piece that bears the subtle title, “AT&T Sucks.” Apparently AT&T does not buy advertisements on Newser. Surely they do buy ads from Conde Nast, which owns Vanity Fair. So no doubt pressure will be applied from that direction. But maybe Michael Wolff just doesn’t care. He says his iPhone drops calls all over Manhattan, and he’s sick of it. Sometimes he calls AT&T to scream at someone, and they tell him they’ve never heard of anyone else having problems with a cell phone in New York City. Ahem.

Finally, Wolff turns his attention to us:

What’s Apple doing? Why did Apple do this deal with these stumblebums in the first place? And, surely, such flagrantly vile service is enough to call it quits on any deal. So what gives over there at Apple? Why aren’t they suing AT&T and making the iPhone an open network device? Steve Jobs is famously unsympathetic to human weakness and heartache, but AT&T is beyond normal sadism. I suppose, the great iPhone accomplishment, the test of its virtuosity, is that so many people believe they need to have one even if that means dealing with AT&T.

But enough. Come on. Please, God.