Miami radio station manager launches counter offensive

This actually arrived in our mailbox overnight — we were copied on an open letter to the top brass at the FCC. The letter was written by Joe “Enemy of the People” Cassara, who says he’s station manager at WDNA-FM in Miami. All I can say is that this is not a surprise. We were expecting that all of AT&T’s toadies and bootlickers and media henchmen and shills would be put into operation on this. Anyway, here’s the letter:

Dear Chairman and Esteemed Commissioners of the FCC:

I would like to direct your attention to a grass-roots movement, perpetuated by Blogger Dan Lyons ( that is gaining traction among Facebook users and AT&T subscribers. Their intent is to seriously degrade AT&T’s wireless network performance on Friday, December 18th, in protest of what they claim are unreasonable terms and conditions, as well as poor network service.

The conspiracy has been coined “Operation Chokehold.” This initially started as a piece of satire, well intentioned as it may have been, that blossomed into a true and very sobering effort to cause havoc.

I find this kind of rallying to be alarming and possibly the genesis of serious personal danger and economic hardship for law abiding wireless subscribers. I implore the FCC to take action against this act of “cyber terrorism”. A meek public statement from Jamie Barnett will not suffice. Mainstream press and television news outlets should be informed.

So far, Apple has been characteristically mum on this controversy.

While I respect consumer’s rights, I believe this nonsense is akin to pouring gasoline on a house fire in order to snuff it. And as a loyal AT&T customer for both personal use and my business, I have serious concerns about the repercussions of these troglodytes mucking up AT&T’s network for their own amusement and foolish ends.


Joe Cassara
Operations Manager