Kai-Fu Lee throws fuel on the tablet fire

Operation Tablet Hype continues right on pace thanks to my good friend Kai-Fu Lee. He worked here at Apple in the 90s, but we sent him off as a double-agent to infiltrate some of our competitors — first the Borg, and then Google. He now has some mysterious “investment company,” but it’s really a front that lets him stay behind enemy lines and funnel information back to us. He’s also now engaged in disseminating disinformation on our behalf. See, his investment company has ties to Foxconn, our child-labor manufacturing partner. So he goes on TV and tells Fox News that I’m going to announce the tablet in January and that “Apple expects to produce near 10 million units in the first year!” We have complete deniability, but we still manage to feed the media beast with yet another ridiculous teaser. Well done, Agent Lee.

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