iSlate held up by glass problems – my anus!

iSlate app developers being motivated - or so I'm told

No, no, no, no, it’s the usual misinformation campaign and reality distortion field at work. Firstly, the dog and pony show is on. Secondly, there has to be time for developers to port apps for the iSlate. Thirdly, it’s not meant for a January, February, April, or May release. I already told you – look to August. You know what Apple should do – every week run a new half hour infomercial on how fabulous the iSlate is and

meet my ex - the ecstatic iSlate field tester

how it will change your life. Play it on one channel exclusively and do not put episode on web until two or three weeks after initial broadcast date. Run about thirteen episodes, fourteen episodes. Then three weeks after last one is broadcast, take all the episodes off the web – have YouTube remove any rogue bootleg episodes posted by fanbois – and replace with a countdown clock to release date. Then the ususal roll out procedures on the day when it is perfection and released to eager lucky believers. The app store will go nuts in the days that follow. After the Christmas quarter, expect Apple to eclipse Google in value. Especially when that new Apple search engine is released at the same time as the iSlate.