iPhone:infant easy

You know those Windows commercials showing the little squirt having no problem intuitively using Windows to edit and send photos and other stuff? Well one Slate.com writer counters that with how easy the iPhone is that even an infant use it – but the writer also complains :

“I salute the Apple usability team for creating an interface that a toddler can intuit, but how about a “Kid Mode” in the next software update? It would disable e-mail, text messaging, the actual phone, and YouTube. And maybe the home button, when you’re using an app. (Yes, the iPhone parent will still need a way to quit apps. When in Kid Modeā„¢, turning the ringer on or off shall act as the home button.) Isn’t it in your best interest to foster a new generation of iKids?”

Nice idea, there, Geronimo, how about buying the toddlers their own iTouch – as low as $199 right now at Apple.com, you cheapskate?