I’m loving this Jersey Shore show


Call me fickle but I’m getting swept up in this Jersey Shore madness just like everyone else. (Plus Glee, of course.) Great thing about being me instead of being you, however, is that I can pick up the phone and get a meeting with these guidos. Fair enough, seven of the eight did not know who I was. But the one who did was the only one I wanted to meet — my girl Jenni Farley, aka J-WOWW, shown in the photo above posing with me on Jonny Ive’s motorcycle. If you haven’t seen Jenni’s incredible Web site, please go there right away. What intrigued me was her bio which reveals that she’s both a computer programmer and a graphic designer. In other words: Soulmates. Then we met and I swear in person she’s like the sweetest and most gentle girl you’ve ever met. That whole tough chick thing with the chewing gum and the ripped jeans and the huge hair? Just a protective shell she wears to protect her sweet, tender heart. We had an instant connection. Like, hardly ever in my life have I met someone and had a connection that was so instant. We talked for like hours and did some yoga and meditation together. Amazing.

Also check this out:

Jenni always had a thing for nightclubs, but being the impatient & easily annoyed type never wanted to wait on the lines. It was the long lines, cold winters, and fake club promoters who think they own NY that got Jenni to realize that she wasn’t going to be like everyone else who had to wait or pay to get into clubs in the tri state area. After conquering the club scene on long island and much of Manhattans outlaying boroughs she realized she wanted to reach out to the rest of the country by telling her story through MTV’s newest reality show “Jersey Shore”.

Outlaying boroughs. What’s there to say, except “woww.”

Photo by Art Director Jason.