I,Cringely claims AT&T is Apple’s bitch

Now that I do believe.

Here’s the quotey quote quotation:

But the real issue here, it seems to me, is the obvious gag order successfully imposed on giant AT&T by Apple. Now that part I believe.

Apple and Steve Jobs (they are one and the same) feel a tremendous need to control stories about them. No other computer company I know of has sued its own customers to silence them, yet Apple did just that a couple years ago. Steve Jobs now reportedly controls most of the copyrighted photos ever taken of him, which is why editors and TV producers keep using the same few shots over and over again. The company, too, imposes on its commercial partners a virtual gag order. That’s the case here with AT&T, which apparently isn’t allowed to refute Verizon’s network performance claims even if AT&T has contrary data.

Now the statement that gets me is there hasn’t been any new candid photos of Steve Jobs that’s not controlled by Apple, since, what, never? Are the paparazzi, who don’t give Tiger Woods, John Gosselin, Lindsey Lohan , et alia, a moments rest, so utterly terrified they don’t dare stalk and photograph the Jobso? How much would anyone pay for that?