Harrass Zuckerborg, now!

Alfredo Linguini can’t stop frustrating his users. Anything his enineers can come up to circumvent their privacy settings while handing out a load of bullshit about “enhancing” the users’ privacy experience. Enhancing the privacy experience. I love that. Yes, I really, do.  Straight out of the Microsoft playbook, that one. Facebook’s version of enhancing the privacy experience is akin to joining a private social club, then discovering the rules have changed and that you have to bathe, shower, and use the toilet, and beat off publicly in front of the whole freakin’ world, while pretending or hoping no one’s watching. Oh, and other people pay to watch you do things and then try to sell you shit based on watching you at your formerly most intimate moments.

Enough is enough! Anyone within fifty miles of this Ratatouille reject should start stalking his every move and record it and post it on the web. He may look like a schlub with no life, but believe me this guy is livin’ la vida Tigre. I want that video and I wants it now!