Google netbook specs leaked

Apparently, the specs for the Google netbook are out of the bag , and the blogosphere is workin’ up a serious pud callous speculating what a pretty awesome machine this’ll be, you’d think it was the latest gift to the world bequeathed by Steve Jobs, but we already know what awesome is going to be … I’m spoiled already, so, as far as I’m concerned, the Google netbook will only be a mere Windows 7 killer – big deal – the rest of us will have the iSlate.

a 1980's mock-up, this is not the Tablet of God!

please don't mug the Verizon iSlate tester

Last July, Wired ran a piece on what life would be like with a Google OS netbook. Have a glance, if you will, I’ll wait. Wheee! Such a wunnerful piece of fun!! Isn’t it? No? But it’s not Microsoft, so, it must be good. Yeah, but, I,I,I,I … yes, I know that stutter. There. There. It’ll be here before you know it. Only a few months from now. Or if you’re in a Verizon test city and you see one of them, “Can you hear me now?”-types playing with what appears to be a large iTouch – mug them viciously, bite both their arms off, grabs it from ’em, takes it home, takes it ta’ bed wichya’s, it’s precious, it is, precious!