Glenn Beck: Why are you trying to ruin Christmas?

glennbeck1“Funny that this is happening exactly one week before the birthday of sweet little baby Jesus, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not saying that you’re an anti-Christian atheist who hates Christmas and wants to disrupt the Internet so that people can’t finish their Christmas shopping, and thereby destroy capitalism altogether. I’m just asking the question. Why do you hate Christians so much? Why do you hate white people? What is it about our holiday of peace that makes you so angry? And who’s behind all this? Is it the government? Is it Wall Street? And what about this name? I mean, Chokehold? Sounds vaguely German, doesn’t it? You know who else was German? The Nazis. So I did some research. Do you know who invented the chokehold? The Soviets. Says here that they used it on dissidents during the reign of Joseph Stalin, the communist czar. It was a tool invented as a way to crack down on free speech. What is it about free speech that you people find so terrifying? And once the Soviets perfected it, it was picked up by the Red Chinese. I’m not saying there’s any connection, but it’s curious isn’t it?”