Food for thought

Much love to dear reader Scott for sending this along. FWIW, Ja’Red just stuck his head into my office and he’s like, Hey, um, how long do you think it will take until they figure it out? I’m like, Figure what out? He goes, How long until all these pissed off iPhone users realize that you’re the reason they’re stuck with AT&T? I mean hasn’t it occurred to you that one day they’re just going to wake up and figure that out? My answer came in two parts: A, The reason we’re making so much noise about AT&T is so we can keep the attention over there instead of on us; and B, Who told you that an admin was supposed to come in here and discuss strategy with me, and now please go get me a friggin chai latte and I swear to God I am going to measure the temperature with my thermometer and if it is not exactly one hundred and sixty five degrees I am going to flip the fuck out! He’s like, Yeah, yeah, whatever, but you wait and see, they’re going to figure it out.