Featured Website Of The Day: Human Clock

Each day through the end of the year, (if I remember) I’ll post a creative website for you to check out.  Today’s is Human Clock.com.  The deal is, people take photos of everyday life, and the photos have numerical sequences in them that match the time of the day.  For example, this shot was taken on the F-Line on San Francisco’s Market Street.  The car number is 1015, so if you click on 10:15A or 10:15P, that photo will show up, (depending on if it was programmed in as an AM or PM shot, of course.)  I guess what fascinates me is the numerical and compositional aspects of it-looking for numbers that fit, and presenting it in a unique way.  (IE, a shot of a mailbox with “2345” on it doesn’t work.) You can choose your own live clock page color scheme- I’d recommend the Brinke’s Blü theme, <ahem.>dc_2-e0a7cbdf41ae6c56e6d72991a611b4d9