Evaluating Chokehold

Well , everybody and his dog is weighing in, but most people knew this didn’t really affect anything really, although there have been reports in low coverage areas, service did sssllloooowwww down. What Chokehold did prove is that

one: enough people are pissed at AT&T to make themselves heard.

two: it scared enough stockholders to shave over four billion big ones off the company’s value in less than five days.

three: the FCC should be shut down. If they actually responded and called the protest “irresponsible”, the whole board should be fired and replaced with communications engineers,  and not political hacks or cronies, or just shut down the thing for good. If they had half a brain cell between the lot, they’d have known better and shut the fuck up.

four: it took a lot of the heat off Verizon, which is having it’s own p.r. fiasco with its own extortionate termination fees.

five: dozens of people, perhaps as many as, oh, I dunno, sixty, let’s say, were exposed to faddah’s image in the aftermath. The ramifications are immeasurable. I averted my eyes.

Let’s do it, again, real soon!