CrunchPad drama lurches forward today

Today the guy who runs Fusion Garage, and who was Michael Arrington’s partner on the CrunchPad — the guy Arrington claims screwed him — is going to have a press conference and tell his side of the story. Can’t imagine which lame hacks will actually attend this sideshow, but I hope someone does so we can at least hear what the guy has to say and the 14 people who were actually planning to purchase a CrunchPad can finally get some clarification.

Arrington (photo above, saying hello to Kara Swisher) says that at the last minute Fusion Garage just told him, screw you, you’re out, we’re keeping the product for ourselves, thanks for your help, but it’s our product, not yours. Arrington is huffing and puffing about blowing their house down (lawsuit) but frankly something just doesn’t smell right about this whole thing. Like, the Fusion Garage guys just call him and tell him the bad news, and Arrington goes, Oh, well, that’s so sad, I guess there won’t be a CrunchPad after all? He just throws up his hands and gives up? Nah. Something is wrong here. Like maybe Arrington doesn’t actually own the IP. Or maybe there is no IP. Or they just got to the end of the road and realized they couldn’t make it work. Or that it would be too expensive. Or maybe, in the eyes of the engineers who did the heavy lifting, Arrington was just a fancy pants bullshit-artist marketing guy who wanted to take all the credit and keep all the money and boss them all around. (I know: everyone wants to be me.)

Anyway, something. Who knows?

Better yet, now the freetards are weighing in, because Arrington promised, early on, that he would open source the design, and now they want him to keep his word and just give the design away so that other amateurs can experience the joy of struggling for months to build a product that doesn’t actually work. Good luck with that, freetards. We wish you well.

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