Caller I.D.

It’s bad enough the WordPress server sucks and I’m ready to birth a calf here but now I get a freaking ass claiming to be from AT&T threatening me if ANYONE WITH EVEN A OMELOT approaches Randall on his property or anywhere on this planet, he will see to it personally I’m thrown in the hoosegow. I tell the phuquephaece after he’s done vomiting, I don’t know who he is and if he’s for real and how the hell he got my number and traced it to me, but I’m sure he just broke several fucking federal laws himself and lo, and behold, I can trace back his call lickety split because of a wonderful thing called Caller ID, has he ever heard of it?, no, well now you’re about to be anally raped by Joe Slaughterhouse, your new cell mate, bucko! And of course there’s a pause and a click. Reminds me of the screwlooses that used to call me when I worked in college radio in Scranton, PA. Or was that Wilkes-Barre?