BTW, netbooks on the rise in Africa

Netbooks, including the OLPC XO, are on the rise in emerging nations in Africa. OLPC would actually have that market sewn up if they also sold the green monster individually instead of only limiting themselves to selling in bulk to educators. You know, a lot of kids never make it to school in Africa.

They tend to be home schooled, if at all. Bulk purchase makes sense if you’re selling to a school district in Tuscaloosa but we’re talking Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania fer crissakes! I’d be getting the green monster into as many hands as possible in as many ways as possible. You want the local governments to buy and distribute these babies? You can barely afford the bribe to get in

the door of an education minister to any of these countries. Grow up, dude. I’ve been to many of these places, I know how the system works. Money talks, bullshit walks. That’s why Microsoft got in many of these places first, crybaby.