Bionic arms gain power, dexterity, sensitivity

The first time anyone ever heard of the term “Bionic” was no doubt right here.  Once Steve says “We’ve got a blowout, damper 3,”  you know (and he knows) he’s completely screwed.  Who can forget the hushed tones of Oscar Goldman?  “We can rebuild him.  We can make him better than he was before.  Better…stronger…faster.”  And then Colonel Steve Austin would be running in slo-mo but we were supposed to believe he was going about 60 mph.   And don’t get me going on the cool sounds the eye and arm made.  And then…there’s Lindsay Wagner.

The whole point here is, that bionics are the real deal.  This story talks about how prosthetic legs are space-age, but arms are still stone-age.  So the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to create a new thought-controlled arm within this decade.  (If they mean by 2010, they better hurry.)  Cool article here.logo